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  • A simple entry form to add new bills.
  • Unlimited amount of bill data storage.
  • Link bills to customers to create an invoice or expense claim for them at a later date.
  • Add categories, suppliers and descriptions as you go. No need to set them up before you use them.
  • BulldogClip remembers previous entries so you can simply select them from a drop down menu.
  • Sort bills by date, customer, supplier, category, description or amount.
  • Fully editable so you can reasign to a different customer or category or correct any errors.
  • Easily delete unwanted bills.
  • Export all (or some of) your bills as a CSV file to keep as a back up or use elsewhere.
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  • Rename to suit your needs - invoice, expense claim, whatever works for you.
  • Select the customer you want and BulldogClip will automatically populate the document with all the relevant bills.
  • Customise with your own logo.
  • Automatically generates a fully formatted document containing your customers name and address details.
  • Add comments or a message to your customer.
  • Optionally include your bank details and they will be available to any document you create.
  • Select to include VAT (Business Plan only).
  • Fully editable – remove any bills you don't want, change the comment and document date at any point.
  • Download as PDFs to print or email.
  • Unlimited number of documents, no extra charges.
  • Quickly find what you are looking for - Search documents by customer or comment, sort by number, date or amount.
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  • Filter by date, customer, supplier and/or category to generate charts and tables of your data.
  • Charts to show:
    • Data by category and by supplier.
    • Total spend per month and year on year.
    • Total number of bills per month.
  • Searches also produce a data table which can be exported for use elsewhere
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VAT (Business plan only)

  • Optionally select to include VAT in your account settings. Once activated you can:
    • Store your VAT registration number to include on your documents.
    • Add VAT entries to bills.
    • Add new VAT rates as required.
    • Choose to include VAT on a document by document basis.
    • Sumarises VAT by rate on documents.
    • Creates HMRC valid VAT invoices.
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  • We call them customers but you may also choose to use this feature to group bills by home, business, employer, family member, payment method...
  • You only need to enter a customer's name and address once and they will be stored in BulldogClip for future use.
  • View and easily edit existing customers details.
  • These details will be automatically added to any documents you generate for that customer.
  • You can nominate one customer to be your default customer for simple bill entry.
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  • New suppliers can be created as you go along when you create a new bill.
  • Existing suppliers can be viewed and edited in the suppliers section.
  • Suppliers can be renamed to correct any mistakes. If you rename a supplier with existing bills they will be assigned to the new supplier.
  • Suppliers are used in analysis of your spending.
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  • New categories can be created as you go along when you create a new bill.
  • Existing categories can be viewed and edited in the categories section.
  • Categories can be renamed to correct any mistakes. If you rename a category with existing bills they will be assigned to the new category.
  • Categories are used in analysis of your spending.
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Document setup

  • Choose what you want to include in your document design:
    • Store your address and contact details.
    • Personalise your document heading.
    • Upload your company logo (Business plan only).
    • Add your bank details.
    • Set default document printing preferences to include bank details and VAT.
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  • Update your user details - change your password or email address associated with the account.
  • Manage your subscription.
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Data Security

  • Access is controlled by password.
  • All traffic to and from the website is encrypted (look for "https://" in your browser').
  • BulldogClip will automatically log you out if your account has been inactive for 30 minutes. (Unless you choose to use 'remember me').
  • Your data is backed up in the cloud.
  • You can take your own back up at anytime using the export function.
  • Password resets are verified by email.
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant card processing.
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  • You will probably mostly use BulldogClip on your desktop computer but to give you added flexibility it has been designed for mobile use too.
  • No need to download an app. Our site has been created to work on most mobile devices, although you may find really small screens a challenge for data entry.
  • Use it anywhere - all you need is an internet connection to securely log on.
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